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Notice of Hearings & Proceedings

IN THE MATTER of an Inquiry into the conduct of

Garth Wallbridge

arising from and in relation to Discipline File No. 1707-0417


TAKE NOTICE THAT pursuant to the provisions of Section 24.4 (5) of the Legal Profession Act R.S.N.W.T. 1988, c. L-2; I hereby appoint Peter Harte as a Sole Inquirer to conduct an inquiry into the following matter relating to the conduct of Garth Wallbridge

It is alleged that the conduct of in the matter of this complaint constitutes conduct deserving of discipline in that:

It is alleged that:

  1. That he acted or is acting in a conflict of interest by representing B after representing A and that such conduct is conduct deserving of discipline; and
  2. That he acted without integrity by acting for B after having been chief negotiator for A and that such conduct is conduct deserving of discipline.

DATED at Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories this 29 day of December, 2017.


This online notice is a reproduction of the official notice posted on December 29, 2017 and signed by Donna Allen. The original signed notice is available at the office of the Law Society of the Northwest Territories (Yellowknife, NT).