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Christian Lyons                                                                Iqaluit, NU


Previously suspended pursuant to Rule 60 of the Rules of the Law Society of the Northwest Territories, being the failure to fulfill the annual renewal requirements on or before March 31, 2018, has been re-instated as an Active member in the Law Society and is entitled to practice law in the Northwest Territories.


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TAKE NOTICE THAT the following persons:


                         Ronald Maurice                                                Redwood Meadows, AB

                         Dean Rask                                                                        Calgary, AB

                         Jerome N. Slavik                                                        Edmonton, AB

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Kenneth Blair                                                           Vancouver, BC

Mary MacKinnon                                                      Vancouver, BC

Douglas Racine                                                          Saskatoon, SK

Christian Lyons                                                        Yellowknife, NT

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TAKE NOTICE THAT the following persons:


J.M. Alain Chiasson                                                 Yellowknife, NT

Robert M. Curtis                                                       Edmonton, AB

Melissa Kruger                                                         Yellowknife, NT

Merrell-Ann S. Phare                                                Winnipeg, MB


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TAKE NOTICE THAT the following persons:


Christopher G. Baldwin                                            Vancouver, BC

Marc Lecorre                                                           Yellowknife, NT

Eric Dolden                                                                Vancouver, BC


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TAKE NOTICE THAT the following persons:


Judy Brunet                                                          Spruce Grove, AB

Wendy Miller                                                            Edmonton, AB

Thomas Druyan                                                       Yellowknife, NT


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TAKE NOTICE THAT the following persons:


Catherine Emrick                                                           Calgary, AB


having indicated that she does not wish to continue her membership in the Law Society of the Northwest Territories, and having voluntarily submitted her resignation, has been permitted to resign and her name has been removed from the Roll of the Society March 27, 2018.

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TAKE NOTICE THAT the following persons:


Jennifer Bayly-Atkin                                                       Airdrie, AB

Carl H. Swenson                                                            Saskatoon, SK