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Access to Justice

What is Access to Justice?

The Canadian Forum on Civil Justice defines it like this.

NWT Access to Justice Committee Justice Resources Inventory

The Law Society’s Access to Justice Committee commissioned the Resources Inventory in 2015 to catalogue the legal resources available in the Northwest Territories; the first document was prepared by Aggie Brockman.
Upon the request of the Access to Justice Committee, the Legal Aid Commission agreed to be responsible for keeping the document and maintaining its currency.
This current version (October 2017) is the third revision to the original inventory.

Action Committee on Access to Justice in Civil and Family Matters

Here is a link to the report "Canadian Access to Justice Initiatives: Justice Development Goals Staus Report", provided by the Canadian Forum on Civil Justice.

Plain Language in Legal Writing and Making Legal Information Accessible

Here is a link to two one hour long webinars on plain language legal writing from Courthouse Libraries BC. These webinars can be claimed for CPD credit.

Several organizations in British Columbia have collaborated on a website that is a good resource for lawyers interested in providing better and more understandable legal information.  The "learning" sections on this website can be claimed for CPD credit.