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Administrative Notices

The Law Society is authorized under the Legal Profession Act to post notices regarding disciplinary actions, including suspensions, disbarment, resignations and reinstatements. The Law Society forwards all membership notices to all levels of court in the Northwest Territories and all law societies in Canada, as well as active members and students-at-law in the Northwest Territories. Notices are also posted on this website for viewing by the general public.

Administrative Notices
Turner, Shad W. (Edmonton, AB) March 9, 2018
Boyd, Glen A. (London, ON) April 1, 2016
Bayly, Timothy W. U. (Grande Prairie, AB) April 1, 2016
Bever, Jenna Marie (Sherwood Park, AB) April 1, 2016
Bisbicis, Pierre R (Vancouver, BC) April 1, 2016
de Wit, Melanie E. (Toronto, ON) April 1, 2016
Amoud, Antonios (Yellowknife, NT) April 1, 2016
Status Changes
Babich, Sara D. N. (Calgary, AB) April 1, 2018
Thomas, Cayley J. (Yellowknife, NT) April 1, 2018
Tait, Glenn D. (Yellowknife, NT) April 1, 2018
Weeks, Kevin P. (Calgary, AB) April 1, 2018
Groothuis, Amy M. (Regina, SK) April 1, 2018
Tiffen, Patricia C. (Edmonton, AB) March 31, 2018
Brunet, Judy N. (Spruce Grove, AB) March 31, 2018
Wun, Sheung Yu Billi (Abbotsford, BC) February 13, 2018
Aitken, Sandra E. (Yellowknife, NT) February 1, 2018
Lane, Christopher J. (Edmonton, AB) November 16, 2017
Jarock, Cherie J. (Yellowknife, NT) June 12, 2017
Simpson, Keelen (Yellowknife, NT) May 24, 2017
Weeks, Kevin P. (Calgary, AB) April 1, 2017
Shell, Douglas H. (Edmonton, AB) March 31, 2018
Gower, L. Neil (Edmonton, AB) March 1, 2017