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Lawyer Referral

This service is maintained and freely provided to the public by the Law Society. The lawyers listed on this service have applied and volunteered to have their names included under the areas of practice they have specified.  Lawyers listed under this service are members in good standing of the Law Society, and are therefore able to practice law in the Northwest Territories.  This service is also available by contacting the Law Society directly.

NOTE: The Law Society does not provide any guarantees to lawyers or to the public through this service.  Participating lawyers are not obligated to accept new clients or provide legal advice, and users are not obligated to retain the services of any lawyer contacted via this service.  Information on this service is accurate to the best of the Law Society's knowledge.


Select an area of practice that best suits your situation:


    If you cannot afford a lawyer, the Legal Services Board may be able help you. Click here for more information.