Law Society of the Northwest Territories


Under the Legal Profession Act, lawyers practicing in the Northwest Territories must be members of the Law Society of the Northwest Territories.

Currently, the Law Society has 395 active (practicing) members and 89 inactive (non-practicing) members. There are also 90 lawyers practicing with Restricted Appearance Certificates.

New Members

The Law Society welcomes and congratulates the following members who have recently been called to the bar:

Mahoney, Darren F.(Calgary, AB)
Briggs, Michael D.(Calgary, AB)
Babich, Sara D.(Calgary, AB)
Jomha, Hasaan(Edmonton, AB)
Oja, Katherine(Yellowknife, NT)
Abdel-Barr, Khaled S.(Vancouver, BC)
Jones, Laura E.(Vancouver, BC)

Change of Practice, Address & Contact Information

It is the responsibility of the member to notify the Law Society of any changes to their practice, address, and contact information.  All changes should be made in writing to the Law Society - email is acceptable.

Becoming a Member

You can find more imformation about the application process and what you need on the Applications page.